About Us

Phillip Elston Remedial Therapies
The Premium Therapist for Romsey, Lancefield and the Macedon Ranges

Phillip established his practice 17 years ago after completing three years of training. Phillip Elston Remedial Therapies has a long history of providing quality remedial therapies to Romsey/Lancefield and the Macedon Ranges area.

One of Phillip’s biggest beliefs is in providing a thorough consultation and assessment before any treatment. He does this for two reasons; by properly assessing the damaged area he can work on not just the area itself but the muscles that surround the area which may be contributing to pain and loss of function. By providing a thorough consultation before the treatment he ensures that all his clients get a tailored service that meets their needs.

With 17 years experience Phillip has seen most injuries and conditions and worked to alleviate them using corrective treatment massage. He has also worked with several local footballers from Romsey and Lancefield to use Sports Massage to help them perform at their best. Pregnancy massage is also one of his specialities.